Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

De 155 in miniatuur. modellen, speelgoed, slotcars, posters, vlaggen, kalenders, buttons en andere dingen die met de 155 te maken hebben.

Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

Berichtdoor Tommaso » do 23 dec, 2010 9:30

Kwam dit aangekondigde boek tegen:

• Unique story of one of today’s modern classic racing cars

• The 155’s story has never before been covered

• Comprehensive story of all competition models

• Exclusive, behind-the-scenes detail

• Written with the full co-operation and collaboration of Abarth/Alfa Romeo engineer, Ing. Sergio Limone

• How the cars won several World and National Championships

• Interviews with leading drivers

• Comprehensive results list

• Never seen before photographs


Immediately after saving Alfa Romeo, Fiat decided to enter motorsport wholeheartedly as a means of marketing the brand. This book charts its early attempts at this, and comprehensively describes the development and racing history of the first ‘Fiat’ Alfa Romeo – the 155 – and the subsequent 156 and 147 models.


After saving Alfa Romeo from oblivion in 1987, it took Fiat nearly five years to debut the first new Alfa produced under its control. This is the story of how the competition versions of the 155/156/147 family of cars were developed and subsequently raced to many championship titles and race wins Alfa Romeo’s 155 saloon was a comprehensively successful racing touring car that won the German and world-wide DTM Championship, and later ITC races. The model also took on the role of representing the company in national touring car championships throughout the world, most notably winning the British Touring Car Championship in 1994. The 156 was Alfa’s successor to the 155 and was also raced with much success. This book follows the development and competition history of this model too, along with its sibling, the 147. Together, these models kept the Alfa Romeo name at the pinnacle of motor sport for many years, from 1992 to 2006, and will become future motorsport classics.

Article # 430682
Subtitle The development and racing history
Author(s) Peter Collins
About the author(s) Born in London, Peter Collins has been a motoring writer and photographer for over fifteen years. He has a lifelong interest in motorsport and racing history, and has been attending events worldwide since 1965. Co-founder and now editor-at-large of magazine Auto Italia, he also contributes to other European and American publications and websites, and has recently become European editor of website Retrospeed. Peter lives in south London with his partner, Liz, and cat, Darcy. He travels extensively throughout the year, covering motoring events of all disciplines and maintaining his close ties. This book is a continuation of his previous volumes, which display his long-held passion for motorsport.
Year Published 2011
EAN 9781845843427
Type Books
Language Engels | English
Binding Gebonden | Hardbound
Pages 192
Size 250 x 250 mm
Weight 1.000
Stock Expected at: 01-02-2012
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Re: Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

Berichtdoor Martin » vr 13 jul, 2012 23:02

De uitgave datum komt nu heel dichtbij. Amazon spreekt van 15 juli 2012
Avatar gebruiker

Re: Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

Berichtdoor Martin » zo 27 jan, 2013 20:44

Iemand dit boek ondertussen al gekocht?
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Re: Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

Berichtdoor Q4Jan » ma 28 jan, 2013 15:17

Door jouw hint net op ebay. :D ... 1439.l2649

34 euro inclusief verzenden en paypal omreken truuk.
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Re: Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

Berichtdoor Martin » ma 28 jan, 2013 20:38

Ben benieuwd dan wat het 155-gehalte is. Ik vergat het zelf ook elke keer weer dat dit boek was aangekondigd.
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Re: Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

Berichtdoor Q4Jan » di 05 feb, 2013 17:33


blz 20 t/m 142 is alleen maar 155. heel veel foto's, waarvan we er al veel kennen maar het is een mooi overzicht.

Boek loopt tot blz 213 in een mooie harde kaft.
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Re: Boek Alfa 155 racing historie

Berichtdoor Martin » di 12 feb, 2013 21:18

Klinkt goed. Misschien toch maar eens bestellen.
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