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June 4, 2009 by Rudolph

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Which colour code does my Alfa Romeo 155 have? How do I know which (spare) parts fit my car? What is the engine version of my car? Which eP ER catalogue applies to my car? 

We recommend that you pay close attention to four identification indications of the Alfa 155: (1) identification details collection plate, (2) chassis no., (3) colour identification sign and (4) engine no.

These indications are located in the following locations of your car:

1. Identification details collection plate

This sits in the engine compartment attached to the upper crosspiece of the front. It contains the following data: manufacturer; homologation no., type of car (ZAR167000) and serial number (8 digits e.g. 00094961), maximum permitted total weight (Kg), maximum permitted total weight plus trailer (Kg), maximum permitted weight front axle (Kg), maximum permitted weight rear axle (Kg), engine stamp (e.g. 67203), engine version code (e.g. 167A2E), number for spares (vehicle no. e.g. 0085158), correct value of smoke density (turbo-diesel versions only), supplier code (e.g. A791).

2. Chassis no.

In the engine compartment the chassis no. number is stamped on top of the right wheel arch. This code consists of type of car (ZAR167000) followed by a serial number (8 digits).

3. Colour identification sign

This attached to the inside of the trunk lid and contains the following information: paint manufacturer, name colour, colour code, colour code for paint repairers.

4. Engine no.

The engine number is stamped on the cylinder block at the left side of the flywheel.


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