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Monday 13 July 2020 Van en voor eigenaars en liefhebbers van de Alfa 155. Opgericht 4 juni

13.12.2009 "l'Alfa 155 e le corse" (Club AlfaSport)

december 13, 2009 by Rudolph

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On Sunday, 13 December 13, 2009 Club AlfaSport organised the conference "Tecnica, velocità, lotta feroce: l'Alfa 155 e le corse" with the theme of the Alfa Romeo 155 touring car. Location: 14030 Cioccaro di Penango (Asti, Italy).

Carlo Alberto Monti (President Club AlfaSport) opened the conference, followed by Egildo Maggiora from Parent Proje ct onlus spoke about the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a severe genetic muscle disease that affects and weakens the muscles.[1]

Then several former employees of Alfa Corse presented certain aspects of the Alfa 155 touring cars, such as creation, history and evolution, followed by several guest speakers.

The meeting ended with a delicious lunch.

Speakers present: Ing. Sergio Limone (technique, chassis)Ing. Enrico Alviano (electronics), Ing. Giuseppe D’Agostino (engine), Ing. Sergio Beccio (aerodynamics), Giorgio Francia (driver), Gianni Giudici (driver), Gabriele Tarquini (driver, champion 1994 BTCC and brand new world champion 2009 WTCC; see final photo below), Alberto Pianta on behalf of his father Giorgio Pianta (team manager Alfa Corse), Francesco Svizzero (ex rally driver) mevrouw Elvira Ruocco (Archivio storico dell'Alfa Romeo), Marco Fazio (Centro Documentazione dell'Automobilismo Storico dell'Alfa Romeo), Marco Rigoni (collector of miniature) and Rudolph (Registro storico Alfa 155 Superturismo).

And further: approx. 50 members of Club AlfaSport, Fabio Sordi (gentlemen driver and Registro storico Alfa 155 Superturismo), Frank Huiskamp (Registro storico Alfa 155 Superturismo), Lennart Schouwenburg (gentlemen driver), Massimo Vezzosi (gentlemen driver) and Dott. Nico Mondino (car collector).

Vehicles that were exposed: Alfa Romeo 1 55 GTA ex 1992 CIVT N° 8 Francia, Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI/95 ex 1995 DTM/ITC N° 8 Larini , Alfa  Romeo 155 TS Gr. D2 ex 1994 CIVT N° 51 Soli and an original Alfa 155 Q4  series '92.

Courtesy of Carlo Alberto Monti and Club AlfaSport.

Registro storico Alfa 155 Superturismo


1. VSN: Duchenne spierdystrofie; March, 2010.

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