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Thursday 09 April 2020 Van en voor eigenaars en liefhebbers van de Alfa 155. Opgericht 4 juni

"La Mitica Альфа 155"

mei 8, 2010 by Anoniem

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"Alfa 155 Club" is publishing the electronic newsletter "La Mitica Alfa 155" via e-mail and on the forum 4x per annum.

"La Mitica Alfa 155" will contain introductions of owners and their Alfa Romeo 155 as well as up-to-date information on events, miniature and racing.

Any Alfa 155 owner or enthusiast can make a contribution to "La Mitica Alfa 155". For instance it is possible to publish an article on your collection of model cars.

The long awaited 1st edition of "La Mitica Alfa 155" will be released on Friday the 4th of June, 2010.

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