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Thursday 04 June 2020 Van en voor eigenaars en liefhebbers van de Alfa 155. Opgericht 4 juni

ABC 1:14

juni 4, 2009 by Rudolph

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The history of ABC goes back almost 40 years, as in 1963 Carlo Brianza presented his first unique models. In the beginning he only used to make single models on a large scale, made of brass. The aim for perfection brought him together with two other great names in model car making: Michele Conti and Manuel Olivé Sans. 

The step from the production of single pieces to the production of high quality model car series was quite easy. In 1973, together with his wife Ella, he founded ABC.

One of the first people to use photo sketches in the creation of his models was Carlo Brianza. He always tried to reproduce his creations as people saw them. He also taught many people the craft and personally supported all of those who wanted to join the world of model cars, always being ready to give good advice to anyone who asked for it.

After Carlo Brianza passed away in 1994, his children took over his leading roll within the company. Now his son Andrea takes care of the development of prototypes and his daughter Laura is running the commercial department, still under Ella's approval and control.[1]

The series ABC 1:14 contains the following die-cast kits and built models:[2]

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