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Tuesday 17 September 2019 Van en voor eigenaars en liefhebbers van de Alfa 155. Opgericht 4 juni

155 Sport Wagon (Franco Sbarro)

juni 1, 2010 by Rudolph

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Based on an Alfa 155 Q4: the 155 Sport Wagon, designed by Italian/Swiss designer Franco Sbarro (real name: Francesco Zefferino Sbarro).

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"una 155 wagon per gli stagisti
l' Alfa lancia un nuovo prototipo la 155 Q4 station wagon

Dopo un anno di lavoro esce dal Centro stile Alfa un nuovo prototipo: e' la 155 Q4 station wagon, creata in nove mesi da alcuni giovani stagisti cui era stato chiesto di impegnarsi non in puri esercizi di stile ma in proposte realizzabili." [1]

About Franco Sbarro

From Presicce (Lecce/Italy), small village in the Puglie where he was born in 1939, to Grandson (Switzerland), Franco Sbarro's path has been an extraordinary one. His studies, rounded off by a high school degree in classical studies in post-war Italy weren't exactly pointing in the direction of motor vehicle design. Nor did the various trades he worked in after his arrival in Switzerland in 1957.

Successively lathe hand, manager of a small garage, then boss of the famous Scuderia Filipinetti, a job that propelled him into the World Endurance Championship and mythical Races such as Le Mans' 24 Hours, Franco Sbarro immersed himself little by little into the motoring world.

That's a the way a devouring passion for motor cars absorbed hi little by little. At the time when he travelled across Europe several times every year on motor racing business, winters left him with spare time to restore vehicles gathered by Minister Georges Flipinetti, owner of Grandson Castle.

From this handwork, doubled by an innate knack for observation, came the wildest ideas. From the restoring of motorcycles and vintage cars from the Grandson Castle collection to designing cutting-edge vehicles, this family man, father of two boys, has unleashed his genius.

In a world where competition rules, Franco has managed to carve himself an envied niche in a world of giants, thanks to his astonishing ability to bring to life both his and his customers' dreams. Large European car manufacturers have no qualms calling on this noble craftsman to turn a vehicle into a proper promotional jewel.

As the motor industry tends to share an ever-increasing proportion of components, Franco Sbarro is seen as a an artist, stretching the boundaries again and again through real technical innovations and bringing aesthetics back to its most important uses: appeal and seduce!.[2]


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2. Sbarro F: Franco Sbarro / Concept Cars; 2008.

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