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Tuesday 07 July 2020 Van en voor eigenaars en liefhebbers van de Alfa 155. Opgericht 4 juni


oktober 1, 2010 by Rudolph

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What is a register?

A register for a type of car is an archive, in which all possible information is stored about that particular type of car including history per vehicle. Besides, a register is an index for all different models, versions and series of that car.[1]

What is the objective to a register?

The objective to a register is to register a particular car, to document it, to archive it and consequently to publish about the car or to inform about individual vehicles.[1]

What is not the objective to a register?

A register is neither a club, member administration or a subset of it, nor a group of people. Only the car matters.[1]

Does "Alfa 155 Club" maintain a register?

No. "Alfa 155 Club" does not maintain a register on the Alfa Romeo 155.

However, "Alfa 155 Club" maintains good relationships with other Alfa Romeo (155) club or platforms, where such registers exist.

In the Netherlands this is Het Nederlandse Alfa 155 Register incl. Registro olandese Alfa 155 Q4 and Registro olandese Alfa 155 V6. Outside the Netherlands these are Berlina Sportivo, Macchi-no-macchina, Registro storico Alfa 155 Superturismo and wrinx'.


1. Z & Archivio storico dell'Alfa 155: Definition of an automobile's register; 2009.
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