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Macchi-no-macchina (Alfa Romeo 155 TI.Z)

mei 1, 2010 by Rudolph

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Macchi-no-macchina is the Japanese database site for the Alfa Romeo 155 TI.Z and the Alfa Romeo 155 GTA.Z including a register.

According to the site, Zagato designed two special versions of the Alfa 155: the TI.Z and the GTA.Z.

Minimum one TS 16V has been equipped with a 3-step automatic gearbox from Mazda. This so-called TI.Z "AT" was spotted the first time at the factory of S&S Corporation in Fujisawa in March 1997. Macchi mentions a second and a third TI.Z AT, but is in doubt if they really exist.

The register of Macchi-no-macchina counts 21 vehicles: 20 TI.Z and 1 GTA.Z; sorted by engine: 13 "TS 16V", 1 "V6", 6 "Q4" and 1 unknown, as well as a number of non-verified vehicles including the first TI.Z: "Sp erimentazione Strada" (register's code: A-25). Total number of Alfa Romeo 155 Zagato: unknown.[1]

Note: in 1993 Ercole Spada cooperated with Mr. Zagato to develop the TI.Z model, known as "Sperimentazio ne Strada", which featured enlarged wheelhouses, a rear spoiler and a new front.[2]

Completion of the 155 TI.Z's development coincided with the closure of the Zagato production plant.

With backing from a Japanese businessman, Luca Zagato set up a separate business, Z Automobili, with a view to building very limited series specials.

While the 155 TI.Z remained a one-off prototype, Z Automobili built 24 cars between 1995 and 1996 (based on an earlier proposal known as the 155 GTA.Z) all destined for the Japanese market.[3]

TI.Z and GTA.Z Register[1][4]


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