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Jolly Club

juni 4, 2009 by Rudolph

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Summary Alfa Romeo 155 racing career (1992)[1]
Cars: 1 55 GTA (3) 
Championships (races entered): 1 992 CIVT (20)
Drivers: No 7 Antonio Tamburini; No 8 Giorgio Francia; No 9 Federico D'Amore; No 9 Tamara Vidali; No 9 Alessandro Zanardi
Standings: 2nd
Wins: 4
Podiums: 23
Pole positions: <Pole positions>
Fastest laps: <Fastest laps>
Points: 469 


Milan, 11 February 1957. The evening was cold and the fog covered everything creating a dark and silent atmosphere. Almost all the bars were closed and only a few people were in the streets. Unlike Giannino's.

Mario Angiolini had instructed the owner to reserve a table away from the crowd because he had to discuss some rather delicate matters. After 8 p.m. Mario's companions arrived; a supper among friends, a glass of wine, a signature on a contract, a handshake and go! The foundations of the future Jolly Club team had been laid. A race team constituted by eighteen friends whose rules, most of all, was based on passion, loyalty, friendship and amusement, managed with true professionalism.

The idea was that to find alternative ways to revive a sport. The name of Jolly (Joker in Italian) was given to the team referring to the playing card. Angiolini did not take this decision alone, but he had the help of a precious adviser: his wife Renata.

The team foundation had a big consent in the rally environment and just after one year of activity it already counted over 300 affiliates. This positive situation together with the interest of some car companies including Alfa Romeo, induced Mario Angiolini to constitute a real society with sponsors to get subsidies and sporting cars to race.

And so Jolly Club began a prosperous period with a group of skilled drivers like Andrea De Adamich, Roberto Bussinello, Ignazio Giunti and Arturo Merzario. In 1963 Jolly started a great, long and profitable collaboration with Lancia that was determined to return to Rally and to win.

In 1966 Mario Angiolini died, his wife Renata and their son Roberto then taking the reins of the Jolly Club's, quickly gaining the confidence of all.

Roberto quickly revealed his talent for scouting world class rally drivers like Massimo "Miky" Biasion: European and Italian Rally champion in 1983 with a Lancia 037; Dario Cerrato: European Rally champion in 1985 with a Lancia 037 and multiple Italian Rally champion with a Lancia Delta HF integrale in all of its evolutions; Alessandro Fiorio: World Rally champion in 1987 with a Lancia Delta HF 4WD Gr. N; Michele Rayneri: Italian Rally champion in 1987 with a Lancia 037; Tonino Tognana: Italian Rally champion in 1982 with a Ferrari 308 GTB; Adartico Vudafieri: Italian Rally champion in 1984 with a Lancia 037.[2]

The name Jolly Club, is also linked to a great sporting director Claudio Bortoletto and for some years to sponsor Totip (1981-1989).[3]

In 1992 Jolly Club managed three Alfa Romeo 1 55 GTA competing in the Italian Touring Car Campionship (1992 CIVT).[4]

Today the Jolly Club team is only a memory of one of the most successful racing teams of all times.


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