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Tuesday 07 July 2020 Van en voor eigenaars en liefhebbers van de Alfa 155. Opgericht 4 juni


mei 1, 2010 by Martin

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"Alfa 155 Club" encourages all sorts of activities and initiatives associated with the use of your Alfa Romeo 155.

A variety of events will be organised by "Alfa 155 Club" such as pleasure rides, puzzle rides, technical sessions and special events. Participation to these events is just for the Alfa 155, unless expressly mentioned differently.

"Alfa 155 Club" encourages anyone to organise an event and we also welcome anyone to participate in the organisation of an event.

The calendar also shows some tours, meetings, swap meets, technical sessions, car shows, rallies and track days from various clubs and organisers.


A tour is a pleasure ride including a simple route description. It is a social activity to enjoy the company of people who share the same interest: the Alfa Romeo 155.

Puzzle ride

A puzzle ride is usually a longer trip including a route description that requires some more involvement from the passenger, yet reasonable to less experienced participants. Participants may volunteer to answer some questions during the ride but they can also choose just to enjoy the ride. Several stops will be incorporated in a route.

Technical sessions

The purpose of a technical session is to get Alfa 155 owners familiar with specific parts of their car and to learn how to carry out same jobs themselves and consequently to help Alfa 155 owners keep their car on the road .

Special events

Mainly these are one-off events that will be organised for Alfa 155 owners.


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