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Monday 25 May 2020 Van en voor eigenaars en liefhebbers van de Alfa 155. Opgericht 4 juni

About "Alfa 155 Club"

juni 4, 2009 by Rudolph

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Welcome on our website, on behalf of everyone at “Alfa 155 Club”!


"Alfa 155 Club" is a platform created and operated by and for the owners and enthusiasts of the Alfa Romeo 155, where anyone can gather and exchange information and knowledge about the history, the technique and all other aspects of the Alfa 155.

"Alfa 155 Club" was founded on 4th June, 2009 with the objective to keep the Alfa 155 on the road and to enjoy driving and maintaining the Alfa 155.

"Alfa 155 Club" does not have an administrative or membership function but is managed by a group of initiators.

Initiative and consultation are characteristic about "Alfa 155 Club". We welcome any Alfa 155 owner or enthusiast to contribute to this website, for example by describing a repair job or to co-organise a tour.


"Alfa 155 Club" organises a number of events annually like tours and technical sessions.

"Alfa 155 Club" is publishing the electronic newsletter "La Mitica Alfa 155" via e-mail and on the forum 4x per annum.

"La Mitica Alfa 155" will contain introductions of owners and their Alfa Romeo 155 as well as up-to-date information on events, miniature and racing.

"Alfa 155 Club" hosts a discussion forum, open for everyone, bringing Alfa 155 owners and enthusiasts together to discuss maintenance, events, share photos and videos.

Besides the initiators of "Alfa 155 Club" maintain this website with the objective to provide a complete source of information on all Alfa 155 subjects:

  • Chronicle of the Alfa 155 including an overview of the market
  • Technique including "How to do it"
  • Events
  • Model cars, literature and memorabilia
  • Motorsport including original Alfa 155 touring cars
  • Registers including the Alfa 155 Q4 and the Alfa 155 Zagato

Any Alfa 155 owner or enthusiast is invited to add some content to this website. For instance the section Technique is open to any new "How to do it".

"Alfa 155 Club" does not maintain an Alfa 155 register. However, the global network of "Alfa 155 Club" includes various Alfa 155 platforms that maintain such registers.

Center of the Alfa 155 community

"Alfa 155 Club" maintains friendly ties with the distributor of Alfa Romeo in the Netherlands, Fiat Group Automobiles Netherlands (Lijnden).

Several known Alfa 155 experts share their knowledge with "Alfa 155 Club". Alfa 155 owners can ask these experts for advice concerning technical subjects or any other matter. Workshop handbooks and/or repair manuals are available for reading.

"Alfa 155 Club" is in regular contact with well-known Alfa Romeo clubs and platforms around the globe:

  • "The internet forum for 155 enthusiasts".
  • Archivio storico dell'Alfa 155. One of the most comprehensive collections of Alfa 155 miniature, literature, memorabilia, picture material including the most informative Alfa 155 register.
  • The international platform for Alfa 155 Q4 owners.
  • Centro Documentazione dell'Automobilismo Storico dell'Alfa Romeo. The official Alfa Romeo archives.
  • Club AlfaSport. Alfa Romeo club from Italy with a dynamic group of Alfa 155 devotees.
  • Macchi-no-macchina. The Alfa 155 Zagato register from Japan.
  • Registro olandese Alfa 155 Q4. The Dutch Alfa 155 Q4 register.
  • Registro storico Alfa 155 Superturismo. The historical register dedicated to original Alfa 155 touring cars, such as the 155 GTA and the 155 V6 TI.
  • Alfa Romeo forum for sociable people!
  • Vereniging Alfa Romeo Liefhebbers Nederland. (V.A.R.L.N.), Association for Alfa Romeo devotees from the Netherlands.

Join "Alfa 155 Club"

Registration to join "Alfa 155 Club" is free to anyone, any 155 owner, previous owner or enthusiast. Registration is on-line on the discussion forum.

We would be pleased to see you at the next event of "Alfa 155 Club"!

Best regards,

"Alfa 155 Club"

"Alfa 155 Club" does not have or maintain a membership administration, yet any personal data is processed according to the Personal Data Protection Act, in other words, personal data is only asked for and used to register on the discussion forum of "Alfa 155 Club". "Alfa 155 Club" is a not-for-profit platform, not affiliated to FIAT Auto S.p.A., Alfa Romeo S.p.A. or any other commercial or non-commercial organisation.

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©2009 Alfa 155 Club.